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Paleo Diets: The Health Answer or Epic Fail?

Quick Overview



Paleo! No, vegetarian! Vegan! The diet doctors are battling! Can they all be right? Primitive diets, like those of our long-ago ancestors, are all the rage.

But whose “Paleo”? We see Paleovegan, Paleovedic, Pegan, Primal, Strict Paleo, Paleo Template. Enough to make your head spin.

Who has the corner on the truth? Which is right for you? How will you know?

We’ll dive into the details of paleo nutrition, from a neutral perspective. We will study the pros and cons so you can make up your own mind.

You’ll find out about:

  • Can humans prosper, eating like cave people?
  • Can humans thrive on a Paleolithic diet?
  • Are humans designed to eat vegetables or animals? Some of both? Mastodons? Lizards? Berries?
  • Is [insert your food here] paleo? Is there an answer?
  • Protein concerns
  • Why give up milk, beans and salt?
  • Do all Paleo eaters eat the same?
  • Animal welfare
  • Ecology of diet and nutrition
  • Ethics
  • Nutrients—abundant and scarce in the Paleo diet

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