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The Alkaline Diet and pH Eating


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Acid/alkaline balance is an often overlooked diagnostic tool in modern medicine. Like many seemingly obvious correlations with overall health, the study of pH has never become a major area of attention for medical practice. While medical doctors do use measures of pH in specific situations, mainly emergencies, to assess the status of various conditions and tissues, as a whole it is not routinely monitored. Though, like other techniques, it is not the complete answer, it does give some very valuable information about regaining health.

If the pH (acidity) of the body’s tissues is off, nothing will function correctly. Acid/alkaline balance affects mental functions, mood and behavior. Alkalinity is a mood elevator. High alkaline producers are peak performers with higher lung capacity, digestive function and large reservoirs of alkaline minerals in the skeleton. Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, European naturopathy and Macrobiotics each have a connection to pH techniques.

You will discover:

  • How to test pH
  • Herbs and supplements to regain proper acid/alkaline balance
  • Diet and food therapy to maintain proper acid/alkaline balance

It’s a complex subject, but this webinar makes pH and the alkaline diet easy to understand. Join us and apply these ideas the next day.

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