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The Liver – Your Key to Health: Two Part Series


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Most people with health problems, boil down to liver issues, at least in the modern world. Liver problems are implicated in heartburn, constipation, hemorrhoids, PMS, hot flashes, acne, skin rash, toxicity, memory, fatigue, insomnia, infertility, eyesight, hair, mental conditions and dizziness.

It’s hard to think of a condition not tied to the liver.

The liver performs over 1,000 tasks, so it gets overworked, inflamed and congested, and it cannot do its part in maintaining other important systems. Most people’s liver issues are not actual disease, but suboptimal function that disrupts other body functions.

In this two part webinar we’ll take a deep dive into what makes your liver tick, and what we can do about it, all with natural medicine. If you or some you care for has a liver disorder, abnormal liver tests, or are a professional who manages liver conditions, this course is for you.

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