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Prevent and Treat Mold Sickness

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Do your allergies seem to get worse when it rains? You may be suffering from a mold allergy. Mold allergies can be very serious and can impact your ability to lead a productive and comfortable daily life.

The primary allergen in mold is the mold spore. Because these spores can eventually make their way into the air, they can also make their way into your nose, sometimes leading to some serious trouble.

Molds thrive in warm, frequently moist environments, including baths, showers, toilets, kitchens, and basements. They can also grow on wood, dirt, or paper. Mold may grow even more plentifully in humid climates or if you use a humidifier indoors.

While being around mold may cause minor effects like a stuffy nose or coughing for some, it can cause much stronger reactions in people with asthma, allergies, or weakened immune systems.

You may have mold growing inside your house and not know it. If you’ve got mold sickness, you’ll likely experience histamine reactions, whose symptoms include:

· sneezing

· coughing

· congestion

· watery and itchy eyes

· postnasal drip

Please join us for this revealing webinar on how to avoid and conquer mold sickness. We’ll look at the effects of mold on body, including hair, headaches, allergies, and lungs, plus dive into mold allergy.

We’ll dig into how to detox your body from mold with diet and other natural remedies. We’ll reveal how to kill mold with essential oils and other natural products. And what about mold blockers? Do they really work? We’ll get to the bottom of this moldy conundrum.

It’s time to advance your knowledge about this killer. Learn herbs, supplements, diet and natural techniques to stay healthy and vanquish the moldy oldie from your life.

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