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Spring Cleaning Inside and Out


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Is your body as clean as it needs to be? How about your home? Detox isn’t really about smoothies and sugar-free diets. Join us for some cutting-edge natural ways to dig deep into your tissues, dump the garbage and keep things permanently clean in there.

OK, that’s good for the inside of you, but how about your house? It’s pretty shocking that more than 80,000 synthetic chemicals are currently used in the United States, most of which haven’t been adequately tested for their effects on human health. They are in your food, your clothes, your air and your bed.

Let’s talk about where the dangers lie, and how to keep your house, office and water wholesome. Shop, prepare food and think about how to detox your life and home to get clean and stay clean. Smart, evolving people want to live clean, inside and out.

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