Sugar Detox


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Congratulations for making the hard decision to improve your health by cutting your sugar intake! Sugar detox can be tough, and the symptoms of sugar withdrawal aren’t a piece of cake, either. The benefits are worth it, with what we know now about the negative effects of sugar on your body.

Sugar has been linked to an increased risk of any number of diseases, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Sugar also annihilates your energy, bumps up your risk of depression, and contributes to poor dental health. We could go on.

By dumping sugar, you can reduce your health risks and likely feel better than you knew was possible. But first, you have to deal with the withdrawal.

In this detailed and powerful 90 minute webinar, we’ll dig into the issue and talk about natural treatments that make the process a lot easier. We’ll go over foods that fight sugar cravings, herbs that reduce sugar’s effects and supplements that bring you back to balance. You will leave with tools you can use the next day.

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