Natural Solutions for Depression Parts 1 & 2




Depression diagnosis is more commonplace now than ever before. This webinar bundle: Natural Solutions for Depression Parts 1 & 2, offers alternatives to antidepressants using well-known herbal, supplemental and lifestyle remedies. Save $30 when you purchase these together. Offer ends 1/31/23.

Natural Solutions for Depression: Part 1

Are you feeling gloomy, sad, or out of sorts? Are you lacking the zip to move forward? Then, join us for this informative webinar with K.P. Khalsa, where you will get natural tools to battle depression.

You will learn ancient Ayurvedic techniques, which include lifestyle, herbs, and diet, in addition to Western and Chinese approaches. We will also cover modern natural and essential oils to enhance your mood and well-being.

After watching the webinar, you will know the perfect mood-enhancing herbs and supplements to uplift your spirit and get you back on track.

Whether it’s a life situation or brain chemistry, you can feel much better. So take the chill off your mood and step back into a thriving life.

Natural Solutions for Depression: Part 2

It’s time to revisit some natural solutions for depression. In this part 2, we’ll build on what was shared in part one, adding new herbs, supplements, diet and lifestyle advice to help lift your spirits and enhance your mood.

The source of depression can be challenging to target, but you know when you feel it. Drawing from ancient and modern wisdom, Part 2 is here to the rescue—offering new techniques and dietary, herbal and supplemental support for staying ahead of depression.