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Guggul Formulas from Ayurveda

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Some of the best Ayurvedic herb combinations may just be the most unknown. Guggul, or guggulu, is gummy resin from a plant closely related to myrrh that is found in arid to semi-arid areas of Northern India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. This resin, or gum, is one of the most famous and effective Ayurvedic remedies.

In Sanskrit, guggul means “one that protects against diseases”, a reflection of the wide respect and therapeutic Ayurvedic applications for this remedy, one of the most important for the removal of ama, toxic material that accumulates in the tissues, a key concept in Ayurveda.

In practical use, guggul is most commonly blended with other herbs that enhance its qualities. These formulas are so appreciated that there is a whole category called “gugguls”. There are dozens of these formulas, each created for a specific, targeted purpose. Guggul formulas are used to support a wide spectrum of body functions, including obesity, digestion, skin, blood fats, thyroid health, urinary management, lung maintenance, menstrual concerns and most famously, joint health.

Yogaraj Guggul is probably the most celebrated of the formulas. It benefits almost everyone and is well balanced for long-term use, as it combines guggul with a couple dozen familiar Ayurvedic herbs to round out its benefits.

Curious? You need to know about these illustrious formulas. Banyan offers 7 of these famous formulas.

In this practical webinar, K.P. Khalsa will dig into the ins and outs of these famous formulas. We’ll study the properties of the ingredients that help guggul target the tissues. Learn when and why to use each formula, and sink your teeth into proper doses.

Get the best from guggul. Join us and you will be using the famous “gugguls” the next day.

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