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Meditations for Your Ayurvedic Type


More Information About This Class

Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, is the science of healing with energy—the energy of all approaches, including herbs, diet, lifestyle and exercise. Of course, meditation plays a major role.

Ayurveda gathers these energies into three major categories (doshas), so people can heal themselves. These three body/personality types (called vata, pitta and kapha) form the basis of all Ayurveda therapies. When we match meditation styles to these body types, magic happens.

Ayurveda does not look at various meditation techniques as fixed forms that by themselves either decrease or increase the doshas, but views them as vehicles for energy that can be used to help balance the doshas, if used correctly.

If you’re practicing Yoga or meditating, and are interested in Ayurvedic healing principles, this webinar will put it all together for you.

We’ll detail how to choose meditations most appropriate for your unique body type according to the Ayurvedic system. These two systems of healing and energy management have long been regarded as working together to relieve stress, create personal balance, eliminate ailments, and relieve chronic pain.

In this webinar, we’ll practice many meditations together, for fundamental understanding of both meditation and Ayurveda and provide the information you need to balance your energy and feel healthy.

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