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The Science of Rasa Shastra – Part 1


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The ancient science of Ayurveda has a powerful secret that’s hiding in plain sight. At least, it’s largely hidden from us here in America. Sometimes called Ayurvedic alchemy, but really just sophisticated medicinal chemistry, it’s a well-established branch of Ayurveda called Rasa Shastra. These incomparable remedies are common in India, but have not caught on here yet. Well, that’s about to change.

Using techniques perfected over centuries, Ayurvedic scientists prepare exceptionally potent medicines from minerals, plants and natural substances by processing them in an ultra-high temperature furnace, until their natures change and new, ultra-potent medicines are created. Medicines are made from sea shells, silver, iron, sulfur and a plethora of natural materials.

These “bhasma” medicines, composed of incinerated, complex ingredients, are the epitome of Ayurvedic pharmacy. Exceptionally potent, they often get the job done when herbal medicines fall short.

K.P. Khalsa has a special interest in these remedies, and has studied and used them extensively in his career in Ayurveda. Join us to learn about the most potent medicines Ayurveda has to offer. If you really want to take a deep dive into obscure Ayurvedic medicines, get ready for the journey.

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