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Introduction to Family Self-Care – Ten Essential Natural Remedies to Keep the Family Healthy


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Dec 18, 2023

Join us for this free introductory webinar as we venture into becoming a Integrative Natural Healing Health Care Family Coach


Introduction to Family Self-Care

1 hour


Topic: Ten Essential Natural Remedies to Keep the Family Healthy

Interested in taking more control of your family’s day-to-day and year-to-year health? With some easily learned concepts, you and your family can employ the vast network of natural remedies to support health and prevent disease.

We will discuss easily available techniques for

· Immune health (cold, flu, etc.)

· Energy and Stamina

· Digestion and bowel health at any age

· Brain and thinking support

· Mood and mental wellbeing

· Elder and antiaging support

You will be able to use these remedies with the family immediately after the webinar.

Responsible family members can bring a lot more health knowledge to the family than most people think. Perhaps you would like to be the health coach for your extended family – that educated expert who helps everyone get well and stay well. In every other culture, the experienced family natural healing expert does just that.

In this webinar, we will introduce our new training for family health coaching, Ten Essential Natural Remedies to Keep the Family Healthy. Hope to see you there.

KP Khalsa is a world-class expert with 52 years of experience in natural healing. He specializes in clarifying natural healing for the modern world and the modern mind.

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