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Beautiful Hair Health with Herbs

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A healthy head of hair gets noticed – it’s likely the first place our eyes are drawn when we meet someone. It’s full, shiny and gleaming, with no frizzies, flakes, or fuzzies. Sometimes, though, your crowning glory isn’t quite so glorious.

The hair reflects the internal condition of the body. Healthy hair comes from a healthy body. Natural healing traditions offer a host of successful remedies for keeping the hair healthy. Join us for a 90 minute live webinar, with K.P. Khalsa, where you will learn about therapies from around the globe that our herbal ancestors have used for hair health and hair diseases.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs renowned for creating beautiful hair
  • The best natural supplements for your hair
  • What foods your hair like best
  • Oils that will nourish your hair
  • Plus much more!

We all want our days to be filled with energy and happiness. Adding a little awareness to the daily routines, including hair care, can pay big dividends over a lifetime, and help bring us to a place of health.

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