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10 Important Minerals: How to Get Them in Your Diet & Supplements


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Minerals are incredibly important in human health. Although discussed much less than vitamins, they are equally or more important for a happy, healthy life!

Magnesium is involved in over 700 enzyme reactions in the body. Mineral deficiencies are common in Americans, due to poor diet, commercial farming practices, and processed food. For example, 95% of Americans have Magnesium deficiency, and the typical blood test used to check for Magnesium status is not accurate or adequate.

In this class, we will cover common questions on 10 important minerals, including commonly discussed examples, including Calcium and iron, and less well-known, including Selenium and Iodine. We will present deficiency symptoms, testing methods and ways to renew your mineral reserves with food and supplements.

You’ll learn all about how mineral metabolism and how they improve your health. Extensive handouts included.

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