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Intermediate/Advanced Ayurveda: Deep Dive Into Ojas


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Intermediate/Advanced Ayurveda: Deep Dive Into Ojas

It is written that 100 bites of food are equal to one drop of blood and 100 drops of blood equal one drop of ojas. Ojas is conceptualized as a very fine biological substance that comprises the most concentrated essence of nutrients and energy in the body. Modern scholars have linked the concept of ojas to the blood protein albumin. Others have hypothesized that it may parallel essential fatty acids. Ojas is primarily concentrated in the heart (a total quantity of 8 drops worth) but permeates the entire breadth of the body.

Ojas is one of the most critical concepts in Ayurveda and often requires more explanation. Deep dive into ojas is here to help current students and Ayurveda practitioners understand more about this mystical yet essential life ingredient. Closely tied to spiritual consciousness and sexual/reproductive health, a person’s ojas is a direct indicator of their vitality, fertility, immunity and clarity.

You will learn how to increase ojas and what depletes ojas in the body. Beyond the basics, you will gain in-depth knowledge of ojas, specific pathologies, and proper techniques for restoration.


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