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Embracing Autumn with Ayurveda

Embracing Autumn with Ayurveda
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Hot, pitta summer begins to transition into cool autumn and bring out vata dosha. A time of transition, this change of season is a difficult time. This is a good time for a last detoxification program.

Ayurveda says to get up early during the fall, when the world is calm, to prepare your mind for the day. Rinse your mouth with a warm mouth rinse after brushing.

Focus on a diet that is warm, moist and nourishing and use sweet, sour and salty foods. Use foods like well cooked steamed vegetables, rice with ghee and soft, mushy soups. Ayurveda suggests a dessert of sweetened cream of wheat with almonds for the fall.

How about a delicious nighttime drink for the fall, made from ½ water and ½ milk, boiled with ginger, cardamom and nutmeg.

Sweet taste is grounding. Examples include avocado, cherries, grapefruit and carrot.

Warming and nourishing foods for fall are radish, fenugreek, soy milk, almond, walnut, brazil nut, tortillas and whole wheat.

Sour and salty tastes, like pickles, in moderation, promote digestion.

Looking for some warming fall teas? Use licorice root, cinnamon bark, ginger root, cardamom seed, black pepper and clove.

Lead a stable life. Stick to your routine. Be kind to your immune system- you’ll need it soon enough.

Constipation tends to worsen in the fall, so make sure you use herbs, fibrous cooked foods and lubricating foods like vegetable oils to keep things moving. Soaked raisins keep the bowels moist and moving.

If fall is dry where you live, massage your skin with oil daily to prevent dryness. Good massage oils for the fall are sesame and almond.

To avoid aggravating vata during the fall, avoid loud noise, fast driving and chaotic activities. Don’t stay up late, and get a good night’s sleep.

And above all, enjoy the fall.

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