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The Alcohol Habit


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Red wine’s the new health food, but how much is healthy? And does drinking have a downside?

It’s interesting how our vices have turned to virtues in recent years. Think coffee, black tea and cane sugar. Recent studies have found benefit in wine, beer and even whisky. No doubt some truth to it, but does it all have a shortcoming? For some people, alcohol becomes an obstacle, and many find themselves drinking more than they think might be healthy.

Alcohol overindulgence has become so commonplace that we now hear about having a “dry January” to recover from the holidays. Research consistently shows that young adults are especially likely to drink heavily. (That’s you, Mom with the young kids…) According to recent studies, 46% of young adults engage in drinking that exceeds the recommended daily limits. Does red wine’s health halo make it easy to overdo it?

In this practical webinar, we’ll drill down to the pros and cons of various alcoholic beverages and look at safe consumption. If you think you’re slipping into an unhealthy pattern, we’ll talk about how to restore the damage and how to cut down your habit. Grab a cup of tea and tune into the webinar.

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