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Body Mind and Sanctuary Part 2 – Living and Working Holistically

Quick Overview

If you missed Part 1 of this series, don’t worry… you can purchase a copy, right here!



Diet Detox; Living and Working Holistically; Making Your Home a Sanctuary

Do you ever feel like things aren’t quite in balance? Or if one aspect of life is in success, by contrast, others are failing? Getting the balance just right can be tricky yet is made infinitely more manageable when the three main cornerstones of life are working together and supporting one another. For three weeks in August, we will examine these cornerstones and offer new ideas on eating, living, and working and our environment’s effect on our well-being. We will borrow ideas from the East and from the West and past and modern eras to give us a broad palette of hues to refresh our approach to life.

Part 2: Living and Working Holistically

If we applied the same logic of how our culture views working to cooking, most of us would be dried-out, barely edible and lifeless food stuck firmly to the bottom of our favorite cooking vessel. In short, we work too much! Life/work balance is paramount to how we exist in the world and how healthy we are in our being and relationships. There is good news. It is possible to balance making a living and doing what we love; tune in as we discuss insightful ideas on cultivating this.

The Clean Body, Mind and Space series is designed to help you get the most out of life by detoxing your diet, examining how you spend your time and clearing your living space. You may take each webinar in this trifecta individually; however, they will work better when combined to help you achieve inner and outer harmony.


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