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Solutions for Post-Viral Fatigue


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Have you, or someone you know, been affected by lingering fatigue—following an illness? Now being recognized as a possible precursor in some presentations of chronic fatigue syndrome, post-viral fatigue (PVF) is becoming more recognized by western medical science as cases continue to be reported. Based on the treatment of related symptoms, there is a lot that holistic health has to offer to the discussion of managing PVF.

Characterized by a significant lack of energy and any blend of symptoms like headache, sore throat, inexplicable muscle pain, swollen lymph nodes and memory issues, post-viral fatigue can be difficult to diagnose. Unlike typical chronic fatigue syndrome, PVF is triggered by a viral infection, i.e., Epstein-Barr virus or viruses in the herpes family. The effects of PVF can last anywhere from weeks to years depending on when the issue is addressed and the affected individual’s state of health. So, how do we counteract the effects of PVF and get back to feeling healthy and balanced?

This webinar will address post-viral fatigue’s common symptoms and how to manage them with foods and the correct dosage of herbs and supplements. We will also discuss what to do prior to experiencing PVF and how to potentially lessen its impact on your health.

The goal of this webinar is two-fold: to help prevent an acute case of post-viral fatigue for those currently unaffected and to help assist in recovery and managing symptoms for those who may have been previously affected, or are currently experiencing post-viral fatigue.

Date and Time:

Nov 29, 2021

5PM to 6:30 PM, Pacific, 8PM to 9:30 PM, Eastern

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