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Secrets to Creating Healthy Habits


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Most of us would like to create a few new healthy habits, and maybe replace some of our less healthy behaviors. Please join us for a webinar about habits — the good, the bad and the ugly.

How long does it take to establish a new habit? 21 days? 40 days? 60 days? Studies show that it is not so much the time span, but the process.

What we do know is that much of what we think we know about habits can be downright counterproductive. It can take months, even years, to build healthy habits, whether you want to quit smoking or start eating healthy. The one sure thing is that if you never change, your results will stay the same.

Scientists tell us that when the behavior comes automatically, without thinking, 95% of the time, bingo—a new habit.

In this inspiring webinar, we’ll talk about the three actions that create a new habit, a cue, a routine and a reward.

Join us and we’ll take a deep dive into world of habits. Learn about the process of mental change, how to set up the habit-shifting program, and techniques to get to the goal and stay there. We’ll talk psychology, meditation, brain chemistry and natural medicine.

Make it a new habit to join us and see your world begin to change the next day.

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