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Seasonal Foods For Summer

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What’s hot, hot, hot? Hollywood may want to tell us, but we already know. And I don’t mean the latest antics of Britney, Kanye or Lindsay. It’s you and me. Summer heat creates a serious challenge for some of us. Fortunately, with natural medicine you have some good tricks up your sleeves. Wait, you’re not wearing sleeves…..

Enter the hot zone… Ayurveda, in particular, teaches us how to conduct our lives during the changing weather patterns of the seasons so we can stay balanced and healthy. If we’re unprepared, the stresses of seasonal changes can bring about diseases, but we can prevent problems if we study seasonal behavior and adopt the correct seasonal regimens.

With the strongest sun of the year, summer is hot, and pitta dosha, the inflammatory tendency, is getting high. Diseases of inflammation, skin rash, fever, diarrhea and angry mood tend to increase. All are signs of “heat”, or we might say, “hypermetabolism”, in the body and mind.

In this webinar, we’ll dive deep into the body’s response to summer, and talk through a toolkit to stay healthy while the world heats up.

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