Deviously Delicious: Helping Your Family Eat Right Without Even Realizing It


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Childhood obesity rates are increasing every year. With our society addicted to sugar, fat and salt, kids (and adults) often simply refuse to eat vegetables and other healthy foods.

How can the family cook ensure the family is getting the proper nutrition and avoiding bad eating habits? If that’s you, are you waging a personal war against sugars, packaged foods, and nutritional saboteurs?

This video is for all parents who struggle to feed their kids right, but all too often deal with dinnertime fiascos. We’ll explore appetizing alternatives for parents who find themselves succumbing to family whims and the easiest (and least healthy) choices available.

We’ll dive into some ways to hide healthy ingredients, and we’ll also cover some tasty, natural recipes from Ayurveda, Chinese culinary therapy, and modern naturopathy. And we won’t leave of the adults.

Perhaps it’s that husband who will only eat tacos. Perhaps it’s that Mom who prefers cookies to cauliflower. Whoever the picky eater, you’ll receive tips, techniques and recipes you can prepare in your kitchen the next day!