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Ayurveda Food Combining


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Garbanzo beans with watermelon, anyone? Sure, if you’re looking or a bloated afternoon.

The concept of food combining (the idea that some foods digest well together while others do not) may sound somewhat foreign. Ayurveda, though, along with many other natural healing systems, says it is an important part of understanding how to eat properly.

Thoughtful food combining can substantially improve the quality of digestion, assist the body in receiving a deeper level of nourishment, and positively impact our overall health. Most people in the modern world are used to eating a number of foods that do not usually digest well together (such as fruit with nuts, or beans with cheese).

Does it really matter? The Ayurvedic viewpoint on diet is that each food has a distinct combination of tastes and energies, each with a specific effect on both the digestive system and on the body as a whole.

Historically, people have found that combining foods with radically different biochemical characteristics can overwhelm the digestive process and can cause indigestion, fermentation, gas, bloating, and the creation of toxins.

Of course, certain mixtures disturb the digestive tract more than others. Nevertheless, depending on your particular habits or health concerns, paying attention to how you combine foods can provide a valuable experience in insight, healing, and improved health.

Food combining is not about following rigid rules, but is about learning what suits your body best, and is one of many powerful tools for improving digestive health and overall wellness.

In this webinar, we take a personalized approach to each person’s unique body and discuss how to create a plan that supports healing as rapidly and conveniently as possible.

It’s time to dump your funky food behavior. Healthy food combining is straightforward to learn and apply. Your body will thank you for it.


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