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Nutritional Medicine Chest Winter 2024


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Starts Jan 16th, 2024

2PM, Pacific to Noon (5PM, Eastern to 8PM)

3 hours classes

Nutritional Medicine Chest Winter

Safe, natural, and without dangerous side effects, diet has been used throughout history and across cultures for healing pain, injury and disease, and restoring health and well-being. Whether you are a family health coach, a parent, a seeker, a healer, all can learn and benefit from this ancient wisdom.

Now we also have modern supplements. Vitamins, minerals, enzymes and all manner of natural remedies are or the asking. Combined with diet and specially selected food therapies, they can address a huge list of health concerns.

Discover how to successfully treat colds, flu, headaches, fevers, muscle pain, allergies, wounds, insomnia, low energy, as well as more serious illnesses with healing food and supplements. You’ll find out how to select and use nutritional remedies for simple, serious, or stubborn problems.

This unique four part course will answer your questions, open your curiosity and enlighten your mind with the vast treasure of knowledge shared with you.

Join us for four webinars, each 3 hours long and open yourself to a whole new, healthy and healing world.

The Nutritional Medicine Chest is a series of 4 classes on a variety of topics. The topics and class content are designed to meet the needs of the general public.

1. Immune System Support Jan 16th

Your immune system is your body’s version of the military: sworn to defend against all who threaten it, both foreign and domestic. It has some really interesting soldiers that help make this possible. Your immune system protects against disease, infection, and helps you recover after an injury.

            Still, it seems like the flu season gets longer and nastier every year, doesn’t it? Want to escape the misery? Who wouldn’t?

And how about longer-term immune issues? Chronic viruses, cancer and autoimmune conditions are all increasing. Alzheimer’s disease now looks like it may be caused by an infection. Ditto for heart disease.

Of course, natural medicine has a raft of great remedies for this misery. You can knock the bugs and feel better fast. Perhaps even more important, you can dodge the chronic disabilities.

In this class, we’ll cover allergies, hives, cold & flu, cough & sore throat, and more.

Join us to explore finding good quality products, effective doses and choices for the right nutritional remedies. Knock that bug! Feel great for a lifetime.

2. Skin and Hair Support  Jan 23

Do you suffer from a long-term, miserable, obnoxious skin disease, such as eczema or psoriasis? How about adolescent or adult acne and dermatitis?

Natural medicine has a long track record of treating, reversing and conquering these difficult disorders.

In this webinar, you will learn how these diseases start, why they last so long, and why they are so hard to treat.

K.P. Khalsa will discuss the core issues with these problems and get to the root cause of the condition.

You will learn to treat the persistent inflammation that drives chronic skin diseases and we’ll cover hair support, including solutions for hair loss.

We will discuss several powerful natural nutritional remedies that snuff out the toxicity and quell the inflammation, so that you can grow new, healthy skin and be rid of this misery forever,

3.Digestive Support  Jan 30

You have a waste disposal system in your house and one in your car. Seems like they work pretty well. For once you’d like your digestive waste disposal system to work the way it’s supposed to. Nothing’s ever simple, is it? If your stomach starts to ache after almost every meal, you have awful gas, and you either have diarrhea or are constipated, your digestive tract clearly needs attention.

You may not know exactly what indigestion is, but you sure know it when you have it. The term indigestion, or upset stomach, refers to any number of gastrointestinal symptoms. Dyspepsia, the medical term for indigestion, is a catchall term that includes an assortment of digestive problems such as appetite loss, belching, stomach discomfort, gas, bloating and nausea. Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a more serious condition.

Luckily, you don’t have to keep putting up with struggles with your digestion. Join K.P. Khalsa for a webinar that will help you get to the bottom of your gut irritation, and get your body back in balance, using a natural approach.

In this section of the series, we will cover bloating, constipation, diarrhea, GERD, irritable bowel syndrome and hemorrhoids.

4.   First Aid & Pain Support – Pain, Inflammation, Choking, Cuts, Scrapes, Bees & Wasp Stings, Bug Bites, Burns, Nosebleeds, Heat Exhaustion 

Feb 6

Next time a minor disaster strikes, don’t run to the pharmacy — look around the house instead. When it comes to simple first aid, many people prefer natural home remedies to those from a drugstore. Luckily, there’s a wealth of excellent, fast-acting nutritional therapy ideas to effectively treat most minor ailments.

Whether you’re a parent dealing with kids’ cuts and bruises, you’re prone to accidents yourself, or you just want to play it safe by being prepared, all-natural nutrition techniques will be handy to have up your sleeve.

We’ll talk about bee stings , bug bites, sunburn, bruises, scrapes, burns, cuts, nosebleeds, earaches, pain and everything in between. Add nausea, headaches and a sore back and you’ll have a toolbox from A-Z for home remedies.

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