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Natural Remedies for Panic Attacks (Part 3 of Anxiety Series)


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What could be worse than a panic attack? If you’ve never had one, take the chance to talk to someone who has them. They are pretty scary.

Panic attacks come on suddenly and involve intense and often overwhelming fear. They’re accompanied by frightening physical symptoms, such as a racing heartbeat, shortness of breath, or nausea. They mostly involve severe, disruptive symptoms. During a panic attack, the body’s autonomous fight-or-flight response takes over. Physical symptoms are often extremely intense.

Panic attacks typically trigger worries or fears related to having another attack. This may have an effect on your behavior, leading you to avoid places or situations where you think you might be at risk of a panic attack.

Natural healing, though, has answers. While there are many underlying reasons for panic attacks, they often stem from some predictable nutrient deficiencies.

We’ll talk about numerous ways to deal with panic attacks, from natural remedies to breath control. We’ll dig into rescue treatments and get an overview of things to prevent further attacks and reverse the trend.

You will leave the webinar with techniques you can apply the next day.

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