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Nasya Treatments – Intermediate/Advanced

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Nasya Treatments

Ayurveda calls the nose the doorway to the brain and the path to our inner pharmacy. Nasya involves introducing medicine into the nose. This treatment benefits the upper respiratory system (sinuses), the sensory functions of the head and allows therapeutic properties to enter the bloodstream quickly and effectively. Medications administered through the nasal passage affect the mind, prana vata, tarpaka kapha and sadhaka pitta.

Nasya is a standard treatment method in Ayurveda, but it is not much discussed in Ayurveda outside India.

Nasya excels for pain, stress, detoxification, skin, hair, brain disorders, immunity, eye care and mental health.

            There are many categories of, and objectives for, nasya karma.

We will cover

·        Virechana Nasya (dry powder)

·         Bruhana Nasya (vata  treatments)

·         Shaman Nasya (based on dosha, especially pitta)

·         Navana Nasya (Vata-pitta or kapha-pitta, often juices)

·         Marshya Nasya (specific pathologies)

·         Pratimarshya Nasya (daily maintenance and dinacharya)

We’ll discuss the proper way to do nasya and many different nasya formulas and procedures for many conditions.

Let’s get nosey!






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