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Master Your Ayurvedic Constitution – 4 Part Series


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Are you hot-tempered and productive? Steady and dependable? Artsy and anxious? The exceptional system of Ayurvedic body typing is based on the characterization of three doshas, or “primal metabolic forces”. These “master forces” of well-being are responsible for promoting and sustaining balance in your daily and life-long health.

The doshas reflect the energies of each “master force”. Traits include factors like temperature, moisture and weight. Kapha dosha maintains structure, solidity and lubrication in the body. It is wet/oily, cold, heavy, slow and stable. Pitta dosha maintains digestive and glandular secretions, body heat and metabolism, including digestive enzymes and bile. It is wet/oily, hot, light and intense. Vata dosha maintains movement in the body, such as respiration and joint mobility. It is dry, cold, light and irregular. The three doshas are constantly ebbing and flowing in your body.

Your predominant dosha defines your “constitution,” or body type. The balance of the doshas—kapha, pitta, and vata —determine your lifelong blueprint for physical health and personality. Learning your personal blueprint is the secret to a long and healthy life. Once you know your constitution, you will know how to eat, sleep and adjust your schedule. You will be able to calculate your herbal medicines, find a good career and communicate well with others.

The course is divided into four sections. You’ll discover:

Part 1 – Your Life Plan for Living Long, Happy and Healthy
Part 2 – Master Your Vata Dosha
Part 3 – Master Your Pitta Dosha
Part 4 – Master Your Kapha Dosha

Join us to dig deep into the world of Ayurvedic Body types, figure out the nuances of yours and work out your life plan to honor your blueprint and be successful in your life journey. When you tune into your personal blueprint, you will master your diet, exercise plan, romantic life and career plans. Tune into your personal energy and master your life plan!

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