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Karma or Dharma? Find your Personal Life Path


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Do you feel like you are just floating through your life? Is it hard to make healthy decisions? Do you have good discipline, only to see it slide away when you encounter temptation? Do you keep making the same mistakes over and over, in spite of your resolutions to do better?

Karma is your programmed, automatic route through your life. When you do things the way you always have done them, on autopilot, you are acting out your “fate”. You’re repeating karmic patterns from your past. It feels familiar, but you seem to get nowhere. “But this time it will turn out right,” you say.

Dharma is your true path, your true alignment with your inner energy. It can include your occupation, your romantic relationship, your education, your lifestyle and your spiritual practices. When you commit to living your dharma, your righteous path, you live your destiny. When you connect, you just “know”.

Everyone has a dharma, a personal life of excellence. Dharma is action. We could call it a duty, or a fulfillment. Finding your personal life path lets you act in the spirit of your full potential.

In this webinar, you will discover how to:

  • Get back into alignment with your destiny
  • Stop repeating karmic motivations that get you nowhere
  • Relax your ego and let your spirit guide you

Join K.P. Khalsa in this enlightening webinar. We’ll talk about many ways you can recognize your personal dharma, unique to you and you alone, and align yourself with your true purpose.

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