Int./Adv. Ayurvedic Approach to Thyroid Disorders



Understanding proper management of thyroid function is essential for Ayurvedic practitioners and need-to-know knowledge for everyone. Thyroid hormone regulates metabolism—the way the body uses energy—and affects nearly every organ. Unfortunately, it is estimated that of the 20+ million Americans affected by a thyroid disorder, upwards of 60% are unaware and untreated.

Ayurveda has remarkable, time-tested answers for thyroid-related disorders and issues. Learn how thyroid issues manifest, what they look like and most importantly, what we can do to balance them using Ayurvedic herbs, treatment protocols and foods.

This webinar shares advanced Ayurvedic knowledge for dealing with one of America’s most prevalent and deceptive health issues. We will go beyond basic thyroid treatments so that you can help clients, family and yourself restore balance to thyroid function and apply these techniques today.


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