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Introduction to How to Take Herbs


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How to take herbs

When you pop into a health food store, you’ll likely see plenty of herbal products being displayed. What you are not likely to see, however, is how to take them properly for optimal effect.

It’s important to consider how herbs are prepared and the best method for taking them. Healing herbs are available in many preparations, each with specific details about how to use them. Preparations include capsule, tea, tincture and many more. Not every herb can be taken in every preparation. Preparing herbs is necessary to preserve potency and make their use more practical. Most herbs will work in one preparation and not another. It’s important to realize that herbs have been processed for centuries and continue today to be processed before use.  Each world herbal system has specific ways to use herbs.

In this introductory class, we will cover the basics of why and how to use the right herbal preparation to get the result you are after.

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