Get to the Root Cause of Constipation


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If you have had lifelong constipation, this webinar is for you.

Natural medicine wants you to have at least one bowel movement per day. Up to one per meal is fine. No more, no less. If it takes a long time to pass stools, and the stools are hard, you are constipated. Even though conventional medical advice doses not agree, this critical body function is an important indicator of overall health.

Constipation is a symptom of a constellation of internal problems. Not just a painful bother, constipation is associated with anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and dry skin, to name a few.

Using “stimulant” laxatives, even if they are natural, makes things worse over time, as the body adjusts to them and the dose goes up. In this webinar, we will look at why you are constipated and how to treat the problem. It is important to determine whether you need peristalsis, moisture, fiber, or all three. Choosing the wrong type of solution can make things much worse. And we want to get to permanent relief.

In this webinar, we’ll dig into diet, lifestyle, sleep, emotions and natural medicines, including herbs, to conquer your constipation in the short and long run.