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Cutting Edge Ayurvedic Herbalism in Modern America


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Cutting Edge Ayurvedic Herbalism in Modern America: Taking Ayurvedic Herbs to the Next Level

The world is becoming a small place and herbalism is on its way to being truly global. K.P. Khalsa’s unique background in Ayurvedic herbalism and 45 year career in America combine to create a rare perspective on the global scene. He will share outstanding, clinically proven therapies from the depth of Ayurveda. If you are a therapist, enhance your repertoire with these herbal clinical pearls. Khalsa will emphasize lesser known, practical therapies that will be exceptional additions to your herbal lifestyle toolkit, but which are reasonably priced, reasonably available, and potent.

In this practical webinar, Khalsa places special emphasis on herbs of particular interest to therapists and the unique situations they see in their lives and practices. Use Ayurvedic herbs the way they were meant to be used—dynamically!

Khalsa has presented this topic in seminars, in cities across North America, including physician audiences, to rave reviews.