Chinese Beauty Secrets



It’s no secret that when it comes to skincare, East Asia is seriously ahead of the game. You’ve heard of Korean beauty, with its goal of “cloudless skin”, and Japanese beauty with its science-driven formulas and intriguing textures. China is actually home to some of the most ancient beauty rituals with surprising skincare benefits.

The practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine is known for its holistic and natural approach to health, healing, and beauty. Chinese natural healing emphasizes diet for lasting beauty. A diet can be rich in a variety of “beauty foods” that help with fighting free radical damage to the skin and promote the production of collagen to inhibit wrinkle formation. Collectively, these foods support a healthy gut, which is incredibly important for good skin. Of course, we’ll present Chinese herbs for the skin and hair and lifelong beauty.

In this information-packed webinar, we’ll look at beauty foods, herbal teas, face packs, washes and the whole spectrum of natural Chinese beauty. Indulge in natural Chinese treatments that will keep you beautiful inside and out.