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Chikitsa – Ayurveda Therapy


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Chikitsa (Ayurvedic Therapy)


Once we have performed our assessment, how do we figure out how to target the proper Ayurvedic therapy? This course is especially designed for the Ayurvedic student or professional who wants to explore Ayurvedic treatment & management of dosha imbalances. Ayurveda has an entire framework for support, treatment and intervention, and in chikitsa, we learn how to recommend the appropriate lifestyle, herbs and therapies to help clients maintain and regain good health.


This is a focused course that introduces the fundamental concepts of Ayurvedic treatment and targeted management of imbalances. We will dive into daily, seasonal and life cycle routines according to constitution, current energy balance and energetics. We will talk about appropriate use of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing, as well as pacification therapies for eliminating ama. The course will include tonification for sustaining the health of the body and mind and implementing a plan to pacify the doṣhas within the digestive system and other organs.


Starts: Jan 11, 2023 9 to 11AM, Pacific, Noon to 2PM, Eastern

Jan 11, 18, 25, Feb 1, 8, 15, 22, March 1, 8, 15


All classes are live and will be recorded.  You will get the recording uploading into your account wihin 24 hours of the live classes.

The classes will be on Zoom.  If you do not want your voice or image on the recording, turn your camera off and use the Chat feature to ask questions.


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