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Ayurvedic Strategies and Methods for Immune System Health: Intermediate / Advanced

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Immune system health is vital to keeping us health right now, and in the future. Ayurveda has a long history of supporting immunity to prevent communicable disease, and treating a long list of infectious diseases. As immune support becomes more of a critical factor in our lives, it benefits Ayurvedic practitioners to develop a deep toolkit for handling such issues.

Dr. Khalsa has spent over 48 years focusing on tough cases. Working with your clients, you can prevent, treat and reverse infectious diseases. Let’s dig into intermediate/advanced Ayurvedic techniques and get to a healthy immune response.

In this detailed and practical webinar, we will look at how to test for, treat and reverse immune problems, using diet, herbs and supportive Ayurvedic therapies. You will leave the webinar with a toolbox of techniques you can use immediately to banish your clients’ immune challenges.

Designed for Ayurvedic practitioners. Anyone welcome.

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