Ayurvedic Approaches to Overcoming Obesity: Advanced Strategies for Weight Management



This is an intermediate Ayurveda class focused on Ayurvedic approaches to diet, nutrition, herb formulas, and lifestyle to overcome obesity.

Ayurveda explains obesity as the increase of fat tissue (Medodhatu). Among the causes are Avyayama (lack of exercise), Divasvapna (sleeping during daytime) and Shleshmala Ahara Sevana (intake of foods that increase Kapha Dosha). Due to these factors the annarasa (the end product of digestion) is not properly digested and becomes sweet, which results in accumulation of sneha (oiliness) and fat.

In this online course for Ayurveda practitioners and advanced students, you will learn how to resolve this process and prevent and reverse obesity. Beyond the basics, you will gain in-depth knowledge of tried and true foods, herbal remedies and lifestyle interventions and proper techniques for restoration of healthy weight.