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Approaching Nutritional Deficiency Holistically – 2 Part Series


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Date and Time:
July 19 and 26th at 5PM, Pacific, 8PM, Eastern. (Each part is 90 min. in length)

Approaching Nutritional Deficiency Holistically 
Subclinical nutritional deficiency could be described as the most widespread health concern of our time. Yet, it is the least recognized underlying cause for so many of the prevalent illnesses we see in our society today. Generations of people: surviving off of coffee and donuts, eating food from soil with diminishing nutritional returns, overworked and under-nourished. So, how do we get our health back?

When your body has the sufficient nutrition it needs to heal itself, many of the underlying symptoms of diseases disappear. The difficulty is that the majority of us are nutritionally deficient and may not realize it. Approaching nutritional deficiency is a huge task. This 2-part webinar series will examine the most critical and most latent health issue we face and address how to begin counteracting it. This crash course to better nutrition will help you get the most from your food and use the right supplements at the correct times, including proper doses.

Part 1 will focus on what foods to incorporate into your diet and why. Many people living in the U.S. eat the same 12 foods—day in and day out—yet our body’s health is greatly improved by adding a diversity of nutrients, flavonoids, polyphenols, fats and vitamins.

Part 2 is all about supplements. Almost everyone is deficient in fundamental minerals and vitamins. Generally speaking, taking the recommended supplement dosage is acceptable, but only when your body is already sufficient in these. Learn essential vitamins and minerals to supplement and their loading doses to get your levels up.

After working with and helping thousands of individuals as a nutritional therapist, K.P. Khalsa brings over 50 years of clinical experience to this topic. Awareness of how you can best nourish your body will save you time and money now and exponentially in the future.

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