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Why Are My Herbs Not Working?


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You’d like to use herbal medicine for yourself and your family, but you have some serious barriers. Some herbs work for some people, but why don’t all herbs work for all people? The problem is, people are all different. Hippocrates said, “It is far more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has.”

Herbs are not working, because people are reaching for “disease X gets herbs X”. It turns out that one-size-fits-all herbalism does not work very well. Herbs work as well as drugs, but they are not drugs. We can’t just find the right herb for a particular ailment. We also have to find the herb that will relieve that ailment in that individual person.

Suffering from herbal information overload? Which of the hundreds of herbs should you use? The trendiest? The strongest? The newest? One herb for one condition is a misconception. We need to learn some basic rules for choosing herbs that will work.

A lot of us have become herbal information collectors, not herbal users, and often we’ve become scared of even trying an herb, because we’re so overloaded. You’re busy, so we’ll get right down to some basic principles we can use to match each herb to the ailment and the person. You’ll see your success rate soar!

We’ll study individual metabolism (temperature), tissue moisture, and the six herbal tastes, and how to match them to herbs, ailments and people.

Avoid herbal failure and use herbs that work. Own your herbal wisdom in your head, your heart and your body. Herbs will come to life for you. You’ll apply this learning the very next day.

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