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Men, Don’t be a Statistic: Top Ten Men’s Health Alarms

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Men just don’t go to the doctor. While 53% of men agree that their health just isn’t something they talk about, that doesn’t make it right. Avoidance is especially common in men ages 20 to 40.

In this age range, men are twice as likely as women to die from any cause. Delaying preventive care and healthy lifestyle just makes things worse later.

So, what to do? In this webinar, we’ll dig into ten important men’s health issues, and look at some outstanding preventive remedies and treatments. We’ll tackle men’s heart health, sexual issues, the wily prostate, diabetes, mental sharpness, and several other conditions of concern to men.

Men, please join us. Women, joins us on behalf of the men in your life. Let’s get men healthy.

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