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Ten Essential Chinese Herbs, Part 2


More Information About This Class

Curious about Chinese herbs and need more information to use them at home? Concerned about the safety of Chinese herbs?

Maybe you are a natural health user who wants to add more depth to your lifestyle practices for yourself and your family. Perhaps you have had a good experience with Chinese herbs from a practitioner, and want to include them more in your life.

If you are hoping to explore the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbs, this webinar is for you! This course is practical, not about deep theory. It is for smart, evolving people. If you are a health teacher, life coach or the family herb expert, add TCM to your repertoire. If you are a parent, bring ancient wisdom to your family. If you are an elder, teach your grandchildren how to stay healthy. This session will cover the most important details of ten of the most popular and useful Chinese herbs, plus a few bonus herbs.

Join us for an introduction to one of the world’s oldest traditional healing systems. Use what you learn the next day, in real life.

Part 1 and part 2 are standalone webinars. Feel free to attend part 2 even if you have not seen part 1. Click here to purchase Part 1 of Top Ten Essential Chinese Herbs

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