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Overcoming Constipation Naturally


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Problems of digestion are one of the leading reasons that people visit healthcare practitioners. Constipation is common – in general 30% of us suffer from constipation. In old people living in care homes the rate of constipation can top 75%. In the United States, expenditures on medications for constipation are greater than $250 million per year. As it turns out, there are many causes and types of constipation, and many different types of people who develop constipation.

In this condition-focused webinar, we will talk about constipation and only constipation.

This class will cover effective natural remedies that have been used for many generations for constipation and the gas, pain and discomfort it brings. We will dig deep into the wide world of constipation, which is actually more complex than you would think, and discuss remedies for young and old.

Learn solutions for babies, children, pregnant women, typical adults and elders. Wouldn’t it be great to know how to enjoy a full life or a great meal without unpleasant after effects? Learn about herbs, supplements, foods and remedies that work to relieve, heal, and prevent constipation for good.

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