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Natural Healing for a Leaky Gut


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We hear a lot about “leaky gut” these days. Do you have it? Do you know what it is? What’s leaking, anyway? How can your gut leak? Are you leaking? If these burning questions keep your mind in a whirl, we’ve got the webinar for you!

AKA Intestinal Hyperpermiability, this is an all-too-common condition in which the intestinal wall allows toxins, microbes and allergy-causing food molecules to pass into the bloodstream. Clearly, not good. What causes this microscopic leakiness? Antibiotics, infections, nutrient deficiencies, poor diet, excess alcohol, painkillers and inflammation all contribute.

It has become very common in the modern world. Because these wayward invading molecules can end up anywhere in the body, leaky gut can be the cause of a great many symptoms and be the basis for many diseases. Although not yet well accepted by mainstream medicine, this condition is getting a lot of attention.

In this webinar with K.P. Khalsa you will discover:

  • How to know if you have leaky gut
  • The best test for leaky gut
  • Most powerful natural remedies

Join us and start the path to problem free digestion!


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