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Natural Care and Prevention for Varicose Veins

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Look around and take note of how many people have varicose veins. This typical sign of aging is pretty common. So common, in fact, that 50% of the US population over 50 years old has varicose veins.

Sure, varicose veins are unsightly, but what does it feel like to have them? Symptoms caused by varicose veins include aching pain, easy leg fatigue, and leg heaviness, all of which worsen as the day progresses. Some people get skin ulcers over the bulging veins.

Conventional medicine offers many treatments (radiation, surgery, ultrasound, injections), most of which are invasive to some degree. While these offer some benefit, they never truly solve the problem and cannot prevent the next vein from failing. Since 50% of older adults get varicose veins, you have a coin flip change of this happening to you. If your mother has them, your odds just got worse. Don’t wait. Start your prevention today.

Join us as we dig deep into the world of natural treatments to heal and prevent varicose veins. We will cover herbs, supplements, diet and a bunch of effective remedies from many natural traditions.

Hemorrhoids are a type of varicose vein. We’ll talk about them, too. Join us and get the legs you want to have.

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