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Natural Beauty Secrets – Four Part Series

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Natural and Herbal Beauty Secrets: Two Experts Teach You About Ultimate Skin, Hair and Nail Wellness

Learn about the top natural and herbal beauty secrets from two of the world’s top herbal and skin experts. If you want to stay beautiful and radiant for a long life, or if you suffer from a long-term, miserable, obnoxious skin disease, such as eczema or psoriasis, or treat people with adult acne and dermatitis, natural medicine has a long track record of treating, reversing and conquering these difficult disorders and helping people stay attractive with healthy skin as the years go by.

Join us for this 4 part series, and learn beauty tips for your hair, face, nails and skin. Learn how skin diseases start, why they last so long, and why they are so hard to treat. K.P. Khalsa and dermatologist, Dr. Raja Sivamani, will discuss the core issues with these problems and get to the root cause of these condition, plus add a huge toolbox of beauty tips for your healthy lifestyle.

We will discuss powerful natural secrets that snuff out toxicity, quell inflammation and nourish your skin and hair, so that you can let your beauty shine through.

Discover top natural and herbal beauty secrets from herbal and skin experts. In this course, you will learn beauty tips for your hair, face, nails and skin.

The following topics will be covered each week:

Class 1: Herbal approaches for facial rejuvenation (wrinkles, pigment changes on the face)
Class 2: Herbal approaches for hair wellness (focus on regrowth and scalp health)
Class 3: Herbal approaches for nail wellness (brittle nails, nail strengthening)
Class 4: What your hair tells you about your skin (includes Ayurvedic concepts along with treatment strategies)

Bonus 1: Natural approach to skin aging (how to incorporate diet and topicals into optimizing youthfulness of the face)
Bonus 2: Natural Approach to Sun Protection (physical sunscreens and how to augment their use with natural approaches)

Each class is 90 minutes long.

Karta Purkh (“K.P.”) is one of the country’s foremost natural healing experts and is the recent President Emeritus of the American Herbalists Guild, and is Director Emeritus for the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. He teaches Ayurveda, herbalism and nutrition at two naturopathic medicine Universities. His latest book is The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs. K.P worked as the senior research scientist and herbalist for Yogi Tea for 30 years, holds credentials as a state certified dietitian-nutritionist, nationally certified Ayurveda practitioner, nationally registered herbalist, nationally certified massage therapist, nationally registered yoga instructor and is the only American to hold the title Yogaraj in Ayurveda. K.P. is also the first person to be dual credentialed in herbalism (RH) and Ayurveda (CAP).

Dr. Raja Sivamani is a board-certified dermatologist and engages in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology, as well as clinical and laboratory research. With training in both dermatology and Ayurvedic medicine, he takes an integrative approach to his patients and in his research. He has published over 60 peer-reviewed research manuscripts, 10 textbook chapters, and a textbook entitled Cosmeceuticals and Active Cosmetics, 3rd Edition with a passion for expanding the knowledge of integrative medicine for skin care.

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