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Metabolism and Body Type

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Metabolism and Body Type
Why is it that some people are seemingly able to eat anything they want without gaining any weight? Metabolism is often the quick and acceptable answer, yet there’s much more to it. This webinar will help you gain knowledge on practices that best suit various body types with differing metabolism.
Ectomorphic, endomorphic and mesomorphic are commonly understood terms when it comes to body types. However, combining this concept with the ancient science of Ayurveda and the doshas expands the possibilities for understanding how to optimize metabolism for body type. This webinar blends root biochemistry with Ayurvedic wisdom to offer a synthesis, allowing you to get the best info from both worlds. 
Ayurveda’s explanation of metabolism is fundamentally elemental, which extends to the types of foods we ingest and the best times of day to digest. We will also discuss some basic biochemistry, including catabolic and enzymatic reactions necessary for the breakdown and assimilation of food and energy production. Finally, you will receive practical take-aways for foods, supplements and routines, to optimize metabolism for specific body types that you can start using now.
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