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Healing Solutions for Long Covid: Part 2


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Date: June 17th, 2024
Time: 5PM Pacific / 8PM Eastern
Duration: 90 minutes
Instructor: KP Khalsa


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June 17th, 2024

5PM, Pacific, 8PM, Eastern

90 minutes

A continuation of the previous Long Covid class

This material is standalone, and the previous class is not required.

All new material

Some people who have experienced COVID-19 can experience long-term effects, known as Long COVID or Post-COVID Conditions (PCC). Long COVID is broadly defined as signs, symptoms, and conditions that continue or develop after acute COVID-19 infection. Long COVID can include a wide range of ongoing health problems; these conditions can last weeks, months, or years.

Long COVID occurs more often in people who had severe COVID-19 illness, but anyone who has had COVID-19 can experience it. People who have had COVID multiple times have a higher risk of developing Long COVID. While most people with Long COVID have evidence of COVID-19 illness, in some cases, a person with Long COVID may not know they were affected.

In this class (part 2), we will continue our discussion of Long Covid conditions, and dive deeper into its many manifestations and presentations. We will discuss an expanded spectrum of natural remedies and how to use them effectively. Whether you are a practitioner or need to know more about Long COVID for yourself or a family member, join us to deepen your knowledge of the next step forward for this condition.

Course is taught by KP Khalsa Zoom and will be live.  You will get the recording added to your account within 24 hours of the live webinar.  

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