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Intermediate/Advanced Ayurveda – Digestion


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Digestion is the driving force behind our body’s makeup; it is a physical process directed by elemental energies. Ayurveda gives us deep insight into digestion and how it plays a pivotal role in nearly every physiological function in the body.

If digestion is so important, what happens when it isn’t functioning optimally? Learn how Ayurveda handles digestive issues like chronic diarrhea, constipation, ulcers, GERD and more, using herbal remedies, diet and routines. In addition, we’ll discuss what happens in the body when food is consumed—from the formation of dhatus to ojas, balancing agni and reducing ama.

This webinar goes beyond concepts learned in year 1 Ayurveda courses. Gain a deeper understanding of how to manage digestive issues with Ayurvedic medicine. Use this information personally and professionally.



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