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Glandular Body Typing: Maximize Your Genetic Potential

Quick Overview



In a perfect world, each of us would be healthy, balanced, and energetic, and would have a beautiful trim, muscular body with optimized organs and great endurance for sex and athletics, not to mention a sharp, intelligent mind, a loving heart, calm wisdom and deep spirituality.

None of us is perfect, but each of us has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. A few have great musculature, while most of us struggle at the gym. Everyone has some special assets, but no one has them all. Why is that?, you ask.

Let’s explore a system, developed by Western doctors over the last century, which types bodies and minds based on predominant endocrine hormones. It’s a constitutional system, but based on hormones instead of energetics, a medical system that recommends foods, herbs and lifestyle in connection with modern physiology.

You will learn:

  • A powerful system for dealing with stress, reducing aging and disease, and maximizing your unique genetic potential.
  • How to best balance your hormones.
  • Identify your strongest and weakest endocrine glands to create your personal health profile.

Are you an adrenal type? A pituitary type? Which diet will keep you healthy? Join us for an exploration into a lesser known way of characterizing people, their diets and their road to health and balance.

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