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Face Reading Part 2 – Personal & Professional Insights: Four Part Series 2023

Quick Overview



The shape of facial features offers surprisingly accurate and important clues to the deep personality. Learning to read faces can quickly give useful information about those around you in your personal or professional life.

Continue learning about this powerful system of deep psychological face reading. K.P. Khalsa was one of only three people who learned this system and were empowered to teach it by the developer. Khalsa states that it is one of the most useful things he has ever learned for success in business, professional relationships and intimacy.

In this 4 part series, we will dive deep into the 6 metaprograms we have already introduced, with greater details about how to heal these personality issues. We will learn more detailed features of the face that refine our knowledge, and additional deep personality information that expands our understanding of the individual.

Join us to master:

  • The meaning of the two sides of the face
  • The meaning of the two vertical halves of the face
  • Additional facial features, including ears and eyes
  • The significance of the metaprograms in family roles
  • Extreme variations of the metaprograms
  • Combinations of the metaprograms, their consequences and how to heal them
  • Therapy and reparenting the family roles
  • How to conduct a full face reading session

We hope you can join us. When we go deeper, this technique really blossoms!


Classes start Feb 6, 2023

2PM, Pacific, 5PM, Eastern (each class is 3 hours)


Feb 6, 13, 20, 27


All classes are live and recorded.  You can get the recording in your account within 24 hours of the live class.





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