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Ayurvedic Tooth and Mouth Care

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For thousands of years, Ayurveda has recommended brushing the teeth. In fact, we often see that the incidence of dental disease is lower in those using natural methods than in those who use regular toothbrush and toothpaste. Modern science now tells us that many chronic diseases, including heart disease, have part of their origins in oral disease, so a thorough program of natural oral care is a must.

In this practical webinar, we dive into modern, yet useful, natural techniques for strengthening teeth and gums. We will cover herbal remedies, tooth care techniques, tongue scraping and oral rinses.

Oil pulling, which of course comes from Ayurveda, is all the rage. We see celebrities detoxifying their mouths and pumping up the health of their teeth with this technique. We will master the many details of successful oil pulling. You will learn individualized treatments, so you can develop a personal oral care routine that they can start tomorrow morning.

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