Athlete’s Foot and Chronic Skin Fungus


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Athlete’s foot — also called Tinea pedis — is a contagious fungal infection that affects the skin on the feet, toenails and the hands. It is caused by a fungus called tinea, which is the same fungus that causes ringworm, or tinea of the body (Tinea corporis). In fact tinea can infect the scalp and the groin (jock itch).

Athlete’s foot isn’t serious, but sometimes it’s hard to cure. It is a sign of weakened immunity, and the risk is increased by other diseases, such as diabetes.

Since Tinea grows between the inner and outer layers of the skin, it is best treated from the inside and the outside. Natural healing has a great collection of oral and topical remedies that will wipe it out. In this webinar, we’ll share some of the most potent remedies. You’ll learn techniques that you can start tomorrow.